Reviewer Restrictions

We ask reviewers to observe the following restrictions and procedures. Papers that are under review are review drafts. We share papers with reviewers in strict confidence and ask that reviewers use them solely for the purpose of reviewing for Health Affairs.

1. Please do not reproduce the paper that you are reviewing for uses of than your own review.

2. Please do not distribute or circulate the paper that you are reviewing.

3. Please do not quote from or cite the paper that you are reviewing (this restriction extends to the text, notes, exhibits, and all other parts of the paper and applies to all forms of communication including oral, written, and electronic).

4. When you have completed your review, if you have included any remarks on the paper itself that might be useful to authors or editors, please return to us the marked-up draft along with your written comments. Otherwise, please discard or destroy the paper when you are finished with your review.

5. These restrictions might be relaxed in the event that you wish to incorporate the comments of others in your review comments. However, other reviewers must agree to abide by the restrictions described above. If you do wish to enlist the aid of others in reviewing this paper, we ask that you inform us before proceeding. Please contact the editor who requested the review.

6. We request that reviewers fill out a rating form for the papers they are reviewing, and also provide written comments for authors and editors. To access the paper and review forms, and to submit a review, reviewers must log in to our online review system. For additional information on how to submit a review, return to our "Help for Reviewers" main page, and select "How to Submit a Review."

Thank you for your cooperation and for your help.

If you have any questions about the review process, please contact Health Affairs’ executive editor, Don Metz, at or 301-347-3907.