Future Thematic Issues of Health Affairs


Health Affairs has devoted many of its issues to the in-depth exploration of particular policy topics. These thematic issues gather together in one place the top research, important data, and policy thinking of leaders in the field. We have found that Health Affairs' readers refer to these thematic volumes for years afterwards--using them as classroom textbooks, primers, and resource material.

The process for a typical theme issues begins with a planning meeting several months to a year before publication involving a small group of experts; the aim of the meeting is to identify appropriate topics and authors for consideration for the issue. Following this session, Health Affairs may directly invite some authors to submit work for consideration; we may also issue a "Request for Abstracts" to a group of potential authors identified at the planning session and through other processes. We typically invite authors of 10-12 of these abstracts to submit a full paper for consideration for the issue.

We also consider unsolicited papers on related topics for these theme issues, as long as the papers arrive by the appropriate deadline for the issue. Invitation or submission by the deadline does not guarantee publication; all papers (including invited papers) go through the internal review process, then, if selected for advancement, the external review process, and our publication decisions are based partly on these processes.

Basic submission requirements and guidelines

Tentative schedule of future theme issues (subject to change)


End of Life Care
Request for Abstracts (deadline for abstracts has expired)
Manuscript submission deadline has expired

Market Concentration
Full manuscript submissions due April 2, 2017

Low-Cost Innovation in Health: Global Lessons
Request for Abstracts (deadline for abstracts has expired)
Full manuscript submissions due May 1, 2017


Diffusion of Innovation
Request for abstracts due March 27, 2017
Full manuscript submissions due September 5, 2017

Request for abstracts due April 24, 2017
Full manuscript submissions due October 2, 2017

Precision Medicine

Request for abstracts due August 14, 2017
Full manuscript submissions due December 1, 2017

Emerging Priorities in Patient Safety
Request for abstracts: coming soon
Full manuscript submissions due June 1, 2018

Article clusters on Culture of Health Topics

Practice of Medicine: Exploring the practice environment and its effects on physicians, other clinicians, and the practice of medicine

Re-launch of Health Affairs’ DataWatch section

Aging & Health: Papers on topics surrounding the care of older adults