How To Join The Debate

There are two distinct ways to add your views to those of the published authors on the Health Affairs Web site and in the print edition: Comments and Letters to the Editor.




Health Affairs offers the ability to post online comments in response to specific articles. Comments are a moderated forum, which means that all responses are read, edited if necessary (for clarity, length, language, and tone), and approved by the editorial staff before they are posted. Information about comments is found in the content box (the box on the top right side of the first page) of every article on the Health Affairs Web site. There is no word limit to comments, but you are encouraged to be brief and state your point(s) concisely and politely.


Comments remain online only and will be archived with the contents of the site. Comments are linked with the articles to which they were submitted in response, and they can also be read on a summary page.


Letters To The Editor


Letters in response to specific articles can also be submitted for publication in the print journal. Letters should be brief (250-300 words) and sharply focused. You may send your letter as an attachment to e-mail, along with your complete contact information (including work affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone and fax numbers) to Or you may use our online letters submission form. Health Affairs reserves the right to publish submitted letters either online or in the print edition; unsolicited letters to the editor will not be acknowledged.


All submitted comments and letters become the property of Health Affairs and are subject to normal copyright restrictions, according to our Copyright Policy.