Narrative Matters News

September 2010 (Danielle Ofri’s August 2010 Narrative Matters essay excerpted by Washington Post; Pre-conference workshop at ASBH on October 21 will focus on writing Narrative Matters essays) 

August 2010 (Narrative Matters essay on PTSD by Ron Capps becomes NPR commentary and cited by Washington Post; Narrative Matters noted in article in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine)


May 2010 (Narrative Matters essay by Boris Veysman: letters, an NPR commentary, and in the Washington Post)


March 2010 (Reprint booklet of Narrative Matters special 10th anniversary essays)


January 2010 (New monthly schedule; Redesign for Health Affairs - new look for Narrative Matters)


November/December 2009 (Narrative Matters essays in recent "best of" collections; Nieman Foundation blogs about Narrative Matters; New monthly format starting in January 2010)


July/Aug 2009 (Turning Ten:  The Top 10 "Most Read" Narrative Matters Essays)


May/June 2009 (Podcasts of Narrative Matters essays being recorded; Information flyer about Narrative Matters)


March/April 2009 (Jerald Winakur's Book Published; NPR Commentaries From Narrative Matters Essays By Nataly Kelly And Janette Kurie; To Date Four Narrative Matters Essays Have Become NPR Commentaries)


January/February 2009 (Michelle Mayer's Death, Aisha Saad Named Rhodes Scholar, Narrative Matters Celebrates 10th anniversary.)