Activating Your Subscription

I am an Individual subscriber and have my subscription number. Activate now!

(Institutional subscribers click here)

Renewing subscribers, you can use your old username and password to log in.  Follow the instructions below if you don't know your subscription number.

Instructions for Activation

  1. Find your subscription number. This can be found on:
    • The payment confirmation letter.
    • The Welcome email.
    • On the first line of the label on your print issue (if you receive one).

  2. Click on the word "Activate" in the first sentence of this page.

  3. Enter your subscription number as directed and click "Submit".

  4. On the next screen shown below, verify/fill in demographic information in part A.

  5. In part B, enter your username into the first space, a password into the second space, and re-enter your password into the third space.

  6. If you would like the system to remember your username and password you can check this box, but your computer must accept cookies.

  7. Click the "Send Form" button and you will automatically be logged in!

  8. You will also be sent an email confirmation.