Improving population health requires attention to factors beyond the scope of traditional health care and public health systems. A Culture of Health framework embraces the interconnected nature of health and social issues.

JANUARY 23, 2017     Work And Health
Building A Culture Of Workplace Health: More Complicated Than Offering Workers Money To Be Healthy
Workplace programs founded on a strong culture of health can positively influence workers' health and well-being, and do so in a practical, ethical, and legal manner.
Ron Goetzel, Enid Chung Roemer, Rachel Henke, Karen Butcher Kent, Jeffrey Berko, and Kate McCleary

Theme Issue On Culture Of Health

November 09, 2016     THEME ISSUE
Health Affairs Culture Of Health Theme Issue
The November 2016 thematic issue of Health Affairs is devoted to the topic of Culture of Health, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

November 10, 2016     EVENT
Culture Of Health Issue Briefing
The Culture of Health theme issue authors presented their findings at a forum on Thursday, November 10, 2016 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C. View the agenda, presentation slides, Storify, and archived video online.

November 09, 2016     DATAGRAPHIC
Culture Of Health DataGraphic
Data from studies in the Health Affairs theme issue are presented in an infographic that highlights what Americans think of building a Culture of Health, emerging evidence on outcomes, community collaboration and activities, and more.

November 09, 2016     INTERVIEW
Building A Culture Of Health: An Interview With Risa Lavizzo-Mourey And Alonzo Plough
In this interview, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation President and CEO Risa Lavizzo-Mourey and vice president, Research-Evaluation-Learning, and chief science officer Alonzo Plough speak with Alan Weil about the culture-of-health framework and the role of policy and evaluation.

Health Affairs Blog On Culture Of Health

Read more on Culture of Health on Health Affairs Blog.

January 26, 2017     PATIENTS' SOCIAL NEEDS
Defining Success In Resolving Health-Related Social Needs
Rocco Perla, Matthew Stiefel, Damon Francis, and Nirav Shah

January 25, 2017     SOCIAL ACO
Weaving Whole-Person Health Throughout An Accountable Care Framework: The Social ACO
Iyah Romm and Toyin Ajayi

January 23, 2017     WORK AND HEALTH
Building A Culture Of Workplace Health: More Complicated Than Offering Workers Money To Be Healthy
Ron Goetzel, Enid Chung Roemer, Rachel Henke, Karen Butcher Kent, Jeffrey Berko, and Kate McCleary

December 20, 2016     EQUITY
How To Build Sustainable Community Health Programs In The United States
Anna Stapleton, Claire Qureshi, Wendy McWeeny, and Prabhjot Singh

December 05, 2016     LOCAL LEADERSHIP
How NashvilleHealth Is Maximizing Community Population Health
Bill Frist

December 01, 2016     HOSPITALS
Modifying Hospital Community Benefit Tax Policy: Easing Regulation, Advancing Population Health
Sara Rosenbaum, Maureen Byrnes, and Gary Young

November 30, 2016     EQUITY
Improving Kids' Access To Team Sports Through Fee Waivers
Marc Berk

November 17, 2016     ROLE OF THE HEALTH SYSTEM
Addressing Social Determinants And Population Health
Lauren Taylor, Andrew Hyatt, and Megan Sandel

October 21, 2016     CULTURE OF HEALTH
Social Science Insights To Advance A Culture Of Health
Daniel Dohan and Corey Abramson

October 17, 2016     ACTION FRAMEWORK
The Culture Of Health Action Framework And Systems Science
Yan Li and José Pagán

September 26, 2016     BALTIMORE
Building A 21st Century Health Department To Lead Baltimore's Culture Of Health
Sonia Sarkar and Leana S. Wen

June 02, 2016     INVESTMENT
Making The Business Case For Investing In Community Health
Mona Shah and Megan Collado

Journal Articles On Culture Of Health

November 2015     FOOD AND HEALTH
Using Evidence To Improve Healthy Food Environments
Julie A. Willems Van Dijk, Bridget Catlin, Abbey Cofsky, and Carrie Carroll

November 2015     FOOD AND HEALTH
Guiding Principles And Framework Pursuing Healthy Food Environments
Vivica I. Kraak and Mary Story

November 2014     COMMUNITY HEALTH
Cross-Sector Collaboration To Improve Community Health
Paul W. Mattessich and Ela J. Rausch

Community Development To Advance Americans' Health
David R. Williams and James Marks

Culture Of Health Prizewinners Blog Series

This series was written for Health Affairs Blog by local leaders from communities honored with the annual Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize. In 2014, six winning communities were selected by RWJF from more than 250 applicants and celebrated for placing a priority on health and creating powerful partnerships to drive change.

December 02, 2014     BUNCOME COUNTY, NC
Collaborating On A Culture Of Health
Paul Vest

October 31, 2014     WILLIAMSON, WV
Bringing Health, Wellness, And Opportunity To Coal Country
C. Donovan Beckett

October 14, 2014     BROWNSVILLE, TX
A Culture Of Health, Not Health Challenges
Belinda Reininger

September 15, 2014     TAOS PUEBLO
A Sovereign Nation Sees Positive Public Health Results
Ezra Bayles

August 28, 2014     DURHAM, NC
How Durham Advances Health
Erika Samoff

August 18, 2014     SPOKANE COUNTY, WA
Improving Health And Education For Every Child
Ben Small

DataGraphic On Culture Of Health