Innovations Across The Nation In Health Care Delivery
December 16, 2010 - Washington, D.C.





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Note on the Audio: In Panel 2, due to technical difficulties the audio does not pick up until 4m:42sec into the stream. Health Affairs apologizes for the inconvenience.

Welcome, Introductions and Keynote

Part One: The Role of Leadership

Slides: Lee Sacks, C. Craig Blackmore


Part Two: Innovations in Caring for Particular Types of Patients
Panel One: Better Primary Care, More Patient & Family Engagement; Prevention & Wellness

Slides: Chester Burrell, David Howes, George Kerwin, Raymond Zastrow, Bruce Nash

Panel Two: Improving Care for Patients in Discrete Categories of Illness/Disease

Slides: Michael Celender, Judith Cohen Dolins


Panel Three: The Chronically Ill, Dual Eligibles, the Elderly, End of Life

Slides: Kyle Allen, Michael Malone, Brad Stuart, Robert J. Master


Part Three: Improving Population Health

Slides: Robert Margolis, Craig Jones


Part Four: Building the Seamless Care System

Slides: Kathryn Correia, Grace Lefever/Karen Michael, Steven R. Counsell, Doug Thompson


Closing Remarks