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November 16, 2016     WEB FIRST
Eleven-Country Health Survey Finds US Lags Behind
A survey of adults in eleven countries found that American respondents reported poor health compared to their counterparts in other countries. This study, which was supported by The Commonwealth Fund, will also appear in the December issue of Health Affairs.
Robin Osborn, David Squires, Michelle M. Doty, Dana O. Sarnak, and Eric C. Schneider

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January 05, 2017     HEALTH AFFAIRS BLOG
Working Together Around The World To Kick The Big Tobacco Habit
We must boldly communicate the importance of tobacco control to keep it on the global public health agenda, says this author, who directs Bloomberg Philanthropies' work in reducing use of tobacco.
Kelly Henning

December 21, 2016     HEALTH AFFAIRS BLOG
Global Vaccine Development: Lessons From The Road To A New HIV Vaccine Trial
This latest step in a global effort to develop an effective HIV vaccine builds on a legacy of failure, hubris, and reinvention. Each stage of this history has much to teach us about the development of preventive vaccines in general.
Tim Lahey

November 09, 2016     HEALTH AFFAIRS JOURNAL
Measuring Social Deprivation in New Zealand and the UK
The United Kingdom and New Zealand use census and administrative to measure socioeconomic variation across communities, assess community needs, inform research, adjust clinical funding, allocate community resources, and determine policy impact. The authors propose a similar index for the United States.
Robert L. Phillips, Winston Liaw et al.

November 09, 2016     BOOK REVIEW
Issues in Governance
Health Affairs' Deputy Editor for Global Health, Margaret Saunders, reviews the book, Governing Health Systems: For Nations And Communities Around The World.
Margaret K. Saunders

November 04, 2016     HEALTH AFFAIRS BLOG
A Top Global Health Issue as More Countries Reach Middle-Income Status
Large numbers of countries that have achieved middle-income status are in the process of transitioning away from significant donor aid that they have been receiving for their health programs. Millions of lives are in the balance. This is going to be one of the top issues in global health.
Robert Hecht and Sara Bennett

October 04, 2016     BOOK REVIEW
China: One-Child's Ripple Effects
Two new books explore the one-child policy and its impact on the Chinese people and China’s future social and economic developments.
Tsung-Mei Cheng

October 04, 2016     HEALTH AFFAIRS JOURNAL
Quality of Care in India: The Road Ahead
In the opener to a featured set of articles in Health Affairs on "Quality of Care in India", authors Manoj Mohanan and colleagues set out the challenges and policy priorities and highlight lessons learned as India faces a rapidly changing disease profile and a rising chronic disease burden.
Manoj Mohanan, Katherine Hay and Nachiket Mor

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