Individual Subscription License Agreement

1. License:

Health Affairs grants you, the individual subscriber a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to access and us Health Affairs online according to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. 

2. Conditions of Use:

To make Health Affairs useful to everyone, you as a individual subscriber are  granted access to Health Affairs on that conditions that: (1) such access is solely for your own personal use and that you are not acting on behalf of a commercial reference service or document delivery service; and (2) you are not acting on behalf of a library, whether that library is part of a corporation, educational institution, or a stand-alone entity.   Breach of either condition is a material breach of this agreement, and the publisher reserves right to in its sole discretion to suspend or terminate your access.

3. Permitted Acts:

An individual subscriber may browse, search, retrieve and view Health Affairs articles, and may download, or print individual articles, portions thereof, or other individual items from Health Affairs for your own personal, research and educational use in accordance with the terms for this Agreement. 


4. Prohibited Acts:

     a. Individual subscriptions are personal accounts, and may not be shared -   this includes username and passwords.

     b. You agree not to forward, transfer, sell, rent or otherwise distribute, or provide access to the contents of Health Affairs or any portions thereof, to any third party who is not a subscriber to Health Affairs

     c.  Unless specifically authorized by Health Affairs, you may not post a copy of any article, file or supplementary materials from Health Affairs on a web site (Internet or Intranet).

     d. Articles and other information obtained from Health Affairs are not to be used for interlibrary loan, fee-for-service purposes such as document delivery, or transmitted to non-subscribing institutions or individuals.


     e. You agree not to modify, alter, or create derivative works of the materials contained in Health Affairs without prior permission from Health Affairs.


     f.  You agree not to remove or obscure copyright notices or other copyright management information that may appear in Health Affairs.


     g. Articles or other information obtained from Health Affairs, shall not be systematically downloaded, re-keyed into or re-published in any media, print or electronic now known or later developed.   Articles shall not be downloaded in aggregate quantities or centrally stored for later retrieval.

6.  Duration & Payment:
     a. This agreement provides you with access to Health Affairs for the subscription term.   Once a subscription is cancelled or in the event of a material breach, all rights of access to the journal archives are terminated.

     b.   You agree to pay Health Affairs the appropriate subscription license fee for the term outlined.   Upon receipt of payment, instructions on how to activate and gain access to the online portion of the journals archives will be forwarded to the subscriber.  At the end of the subscription license term, if renewal payment is not received within the outlined expire date, the subscription license shall terminate.   

7. Prospective Application:

These terms and conditions shall apply to any individual subscription agreement for Health Affairs.    These terms shall automatically renew every time the subscriber renews its subscription to Health Affairs, provided you have paid.


8. Additional Terms & Warranties:

These terms (and, for Subscribers, the subscription terms set forth) constitute the entire agreement between you and the Publisher and supersede any prior written or oral representation or agreement.

The Publisher may modify any of the terms in this License any at any time by providing notice in the journal, or at the Publishers option, directly to users via electronic mail or conventional mail.  Your continued use of this journal shall be conclusively deemed acceptance of such modification.

Health Affairs is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of performance or merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, or warranties as of accuracy for completeness.  It is your entire risk as to the selection, quality and performance of the online journal edition.    Neither, nor any individual or other party involved in the creation, production or delivery of Health Affairs shall be liable for any damages that result from licensee's use of Health Affairs such as lost time, lost profits, computer problems, or other special, incidental or consequential damages, regardless of whether such damages are foreseeable or whether such damages are deemed to result from the failure of inadequacy of any exclusive or other remedy.    In no case shall liability exceed the amount of subscription fees paid during the 12-month period preceding any claim or notification of damages.