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Dave Didn't Have To Die: On Health Care For Homeless Patients

A writer watches a homeless man's health decline because of a lack of care.

Tammy L. Kling

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How To Win The Doctor Lottery

Not every doctor-patient encounter is healing, and it can seem a game of chance. One patient explores what it takes to win.

Donna Jackson Nakazawa

When Patients Mentor Doctors: The Story Of One Vital Bond

A physician reconnects with the patient who mentored her as a medical student and helps him make a final care decision.

Aroonsiri Sangarlangkarn

The Personal Toll Of Practicing Medicine

A physician and lifelong patient reflects on her truncated career and why the health of experienced doctors needs protection.

Elaine Schattner

The Fine Line Between Doctoring And Dealing

To treat a patient with addiction, a physician must overcome feelings of frustration and betrayal.

Pooja Lagisetty

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