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Down The Rabbit Hole: A Chronic Pain Sufferer Navigates The Maze Of Opioid Use

A woman living with chronic pain tries to manage her condition while maneuvering through the maze of opioid medications.

Janice Lynch Schuster

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‘Nothing Is Broken’: For An Injured Doctor, Quality-Focused Care Misses The Mark

When a physician winds up in the emergency department, providers put quality metrics and testing before her actual needs.

Charlotte Yeh

‘I Don’t Want Jenny To Think I’m Abandoning Her’: Views On Overtreatment

A palliative care physician helps a cancer patient cope with her coming death, while her oncologist struggles to give up treatment.

Diane E. Meier

Lost In Translation: To Our Chinese Patient, Alzheimer’s Meant ‘Crazy And Catatonic’

When cultural perceptions get in the way, a Chinese geriatrician and his colleagues find a way to care for a patient newly diagnosed with dementia.

XinQi Dong

A Family Disease: Witnessing Firsthand The Toll That Dementia Takes On Caregivers

A geriatric psychiatrist recounts the life-changing stress experienced by relatives who care for loved ones with dementia.

Gary Epstein-Lubow


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