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'Go Back To California': When Providers Fail Transgender Patients

A transgender doctor is mistreated by a health care provider--and wants to make the system better for patients like her.

Laura Arrowsmith

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The Battle Of The Bundle: Lessons From My Mother’s Partial Hip Replacement

For one family, Medicare’s bundled payment program felt more like a health care assembly line than coordinated care.

Timothy Hoff

Getting It Right At The End Of Life

With the help of a palliative care team, the author’s terminally ill mother dies on her own terms.

Dina Keller Moss

A Black Alzheimer’s Patient Wants To Be Part Of The Cure

A daughter gets her mother into a clinical trial for an Alzheimer’s drug, with few other black patients enrolled.

Katti Gray

Dave Didn’t Have To Die: On Health Care For Homeless Patients

A writer watches a homeless man’s health decline because of a lack of care.

Tammy L. Kling

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