New At Health Affairs

In January 2010 Health Affairs will launch a number of exciting changes in the journal:

Monthly frequency: For the print version, we’ll move to a monthly publication schedule, creating opportunities to publish in a more timely way than ever.

Web First: We will convert our Web Exclusives to true publish-ahead-of print format and rename them as “Web First” articles – again, reinforcing the ability to be timely.

Redesign: We’ll unveil a modern new redesign of the print journal. Web site upgrades and redesign will roll out in stages in early 2010.


For more on our redesign, see Health Affairs’ Design Guide.

The last time we changed the design and publication schedule of the journal was in 1996, nearly 14 years ago. Clearly, much has changed in the world of publishing since then – most especially in online communication. At the same time, interest in issues impinging on health policy has only grown.  One metric: In the last year, the number of manuscripts submitted to Health Affairs grew by 44 percent.

To inform these changes, we surveyed authors and readers in December 2008 and looked at best practices in print and Web publishing. We greatly appreciated your responses, which shaped our plans. 

At the same time as we institute these and other changes, we want to reassure readers that the essence of Health Affairs will not change. Peer review remains, as ever, the gold standard we apply to evaluating manuscripts. We will continue to publish content of the highest quality and policy relevance. At least half the issues we publish will be focused on important themes, such as the long-term care, child obesity, and primary care issues we have planned for 2010. We’ll also maintain our multidisciplinary focus and our nonpartisan mission, presenting a range of viewpoints on policy matters alongside important original research.