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06/06/2017 Pursuing Health Equity Events Alan Weil, Determinants Of Health, Steven Woolf, Robert Drake, Joseph Betancourt, Paula Braveman, Mariana Arcaya, Julia Berenson, Joachim Hero, Shira Shavit, Andrew Fenelon, Scott Cook, Winta Tsegay Mehtsun, William Schpero, Renee Hsia, Taylor A. Melanson, Donna L. Washington, Amy Carroll-Scott, Health Equity
11/09/2016 Intoxicated, Homeless, And In Need Of A Place To Land Narrative Matters Access To Care, Emergency Care, Ethical Issues, Determinants Of Health, Mental Health Care, Otis Warren
03/07/2016 Mr. G And The Revolving Door: Breaking The Readmission Cycle At A Safety-Net Hospital Narrative Matters Disparities, Determinants Of Health, Legal Issues, Mental Health Care
12/08/2014 Children's Health Events Children's Health, Insurance, Cost Of Health Care, Alan Weil, Medicaid, Determinants Of Health, Sara Rosenbaum, C. Eugene Steuerle, Aimee M. Grace, Dennis Z. Kuo, Jay G. Berry, James M. Perrin, Ashley M. Kranz, John H. Straus, Scott A. Lorch, Ellen E. Kersten, Christina D. Bethell, Neal Halfon, Pamela K. Joshi, Ryan Chao, Debbie I. Chang
11/05/2014 Collaborating For Community Health Events Children's Health, Alan Weil, Medicaid, Determinants Of Health, Accountable Care Organizations, Andrew Beck, Ian Galloway, Douglas Jutte, Yanique Redwood, Rajiv Bhatia, J. Emilio Carrillo, Bethany Rogerson, Matthew Trowbridge, Dolores Acevedo-Garcia, Joseph Schuchter, Ross Owen, Paul W. Mattessich, Community
06/04/2012 "'They Paved Paradise And Put Up A Parking Lot'" Full Essay Narrative Matters Cameron Page, Disparities, Public Health, Environmental Health, Determinants Of Health
11/08/2011 Linking Community Development and Health Events Health Reform, Cost Of Health Care, Determinants Of Health