Podcasts tagged with: Disparities
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06/14/2017 The Low-Value Care Divide Newsmakers WTOP, Disparities, William Schpero, Health Equity, Low-Value Care, Yale School Of Public Health
06/05/2017 A Black Alzheimer's Patient Wants To Be Part Of The Cure Narrative Matters Elderly, Alzheimer's, Disparities, Evidence-Based Medicine, Minorities, Katti Gray
03/07/2016 Mr. G And The Revolving Door: Breaking The Readmission Cycle At A Safety-Net Hospital Narrative Matters Disparities, Determinants Of Health, Legal Issues, Mental Health Care
12/07/2015 An Uninsured Immigrant Delays Needed Care Narrative Matters Access To Care, Disparities, Health Reform, Cost Of Health Care, Cheryl Bettigole
09/23/2015 New Report Finds US Insurance Coverage Gains Newsmakers WTOP, Affordable Care Act, Disparities, Insurance, Alan Weil, United States Census Bureau
02/02/2015 Navigating Veronika: How Access, Knowledge, And Attitudes Shaped My Sister's Care Narrative Matters Access To Care, Disparities, Elizabeth Piatt
10/06/2014 A Simple Case Of Chest Pain: Sensitizing Doctors To Patients With Disabilities Narrative Matters Disabilities, Disparities, Prevention, Leana S. Wen
05/19/2014 Health Policy Research: Challenges And Opportunities Conversations Disparities, Lisa Simpson, Darrell Gaskin
10/07/2013 "In The 'Gray Zone,' A Doctor Faces Tough Decisions On Infant Resuscitation" Full Essay Narrative Matters Gautham K. Suresh, Disparities, Children's Health, Cost Of Health Care, Ethical Issues
08/05/2013 "In The Safety Net: A Tale Of Ticking Clocks And Tricky Diagnoses" Full Essay Narrative Matters Maria Maldonado, Safety-Net Systems, Disparities, Primary Care
07/08/2013 "As Sports Fees Rise, A Young Athlete Learns That If You Can't Pay, You Can't Play" Full Essay Narrative Matters Heather Boyle, Disparities, Children's Health, Chronic Care, Public Health
06/03/2013 "Awakening Advocacy: How Students Helped Save A Safety-Net Hospital In Georgia" Full Essay Narrative Matters Katherine Neuhausen, Access To Care, Safety-Net Systems, Politics, Disparities, Hospitals
01/07/2013 "To Fight Bad Suga', Or Diabetes, My Neighborhood Needs More Health Educators" Full Essay Narrative Matters Joseph F. West, Disparities, Public Health
06/04/2012 "'They Paved Paradise And Put Up A Parking Lot'" Full Essay Narrative Matters Cameron Page, Disparities, Public Health, Environmental Health, Determinants Of Health
10/06/2011 Disparities in Health and Health Care Events Disparities, Health Reform, Immigration, Oral Health Care, Hospitals, Minorities
06/29/2011 "Out Of The Shadow" Full Essay Narrative Matters Neil S. Calman, Disparities
06/29/2011 "Out Of The Shadow" Abridged Version Narrative Matters Neil S. Calman, Disparities
09/15/2010 "Still Closing the Gap" Abridged Version Narrative Matters Fitzhugh Mullan, Politics, Disparities
09/15/2010 "Still Closing the Gap" Full Essay Narrative Matters Fitzhugh Mullan, Politics, Disparities