Podcasts tagged with: Medicaid
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05/04/2017 Assessing the AHCA Newsmakers WTOP, Affordable Care Act, Health Reform, Alan Weil, Medicaid, American Health Care Act
03/07/2017 Delivery System Innovation Events Safety-Net Systems, Insurance, Medicare, Alan Weil, Medicaid, David Bates, Innovation, Anna Sinaiko, K. John McConnell, Kevin Smith, Delivery System Innovation, Mark B. McClellan, Michael Chernew, Dori Cross, J. Scott Ashwood, Mary Reed, Christopher Whaley, Heather Dahlen, Michael Barnett, Maria Alva, Sarah Ruiz, Erin Murphy Colligan, Melvin Ingber
12/07/2016 Oral Health Events Oral Health Care, Cost Of Health Care, Medicare, Alan Weil, Medicaid, Richard Manski, Elizabeth Mertz, Marko Vujicic, Chad D. Meyerhoefer, Susan O. Griffin, Amber Willink, Brandy Lipton, Jaffer A. Shariff, Natalia I. Chalmers, Margaret Langelier, Jane Koppelman, James Crall, Joan O'Connell
07/08/2015 Medicaid's Evolving Delivery Systems Events Alan Weil, Medicaid, Nadereh Pourat, Peter Shin, Peter Cunningham, Randall D. Cebul, Colleen M. Grogan, Yue Li, Andrew Potter, Michael S. Sparer, Michael K. Gusmano, Nicole Huberfeld, Sayeh Nikpay
07/07/2015 Across State Lines, A Family Navigates Medical Complexity And Medicaid Hurdles Narrative Matters Access To Care, Children's Health, Health Reform, Medicaid, Anthony P. Putney
07/07/2015 Interview with Cindy Mann Newsmakers Alan Weil, Centers for Medicare And Medicaid Services, Medicaid, Cindy Mann, Health and Human Services, Children's Health Insurance Program
07/01/2015 Forecasting Health Insurance Increases Newsmakers WTOP, Affordable Care Act, Insurance, Cost Of Health Care, Alan Weil, Medicaid
01/28/2015 Controlling Health Costs Newsmakers WTOP, Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Health Spending, Marketplaces
12/08/2014 Children's Health Events Children's Health, Insurance, Cost Of Health Care, Alan Weil, Medicaid, Determinants Of Health, Sara Rosenbaum, C. Eugene Steuerle, Aimee M. Grace, Dennis Z. Kuo, Jay G. Berry, James M. Perrin, Ashley M. Kranz, John H. Straus, Scott A. Lorch, Ellen E. Kersten, Christina D. Bethell, Neal Halfon, Pamela K. Joshi, Ryan Chao, Debbie I. Chang
11/05/2014 Collaborating For Community Health Events Children's Health, Alan Weil, Medicaid, Determinants Of Health, Accountable Care Organizations, Andrew Beck, Ian Galloway, Douglas Jutte, Yanique Redwood, Rajiv Bhatia, J. Emilio Carrillo, Bethany Rogerson, Matthew Trowbridge, Dolores Acevedo-Garcia, Joseph Schuchter, Ross Owen, Paul W. Mattessich, Community
11/03/2014 Bridging The Gap: A Community Health Program Saved Lives, Then Closed Its Doors Narrative Matters Health Reform, Medicare, HIV and AIDS, Medicaid, Heidi L. Behforouz
02/24/2014 Health Affairs-Kaiser Health News Media Breakfast with Governor Mike Beebe (D-Arkansas) Events Mike Beebe, Medicaid
07/17/2012 After the Supreme Court: Moving Ahead to Implement the Affordable Care Act, Improve Health and Health Care and Lower Costs Events Affordable Care Act, Health Reform, Cost Of Health Care, Medicaid
06/05/2012 Focus On The Care Span For The Elderly And Disabled Events Medicare, Medicaid
07/07/2011 New Directions In Systems Innovations Events Long-Term Care, Hospitals, Medicaid
06/16/2010 Moving Forward on Health Reform Events Susan Dentzer, Health Reform, Insurance, Cost Of Health Care, Alan Weil, Medicaid, David Cutler, Michael Ramlet, Bruce H. Hamory, Richard J. Umbdenstock, Nancy-Ann DeParle, Scott Keefer, Jon Kingsdale, Len Nichols, Deborah Chollet, Leighton Ku, Thomas P. Miller, Raymond C. Scheppach
04/14/2010 Blog Roundtable: CMS Leaders Discuss Health Reform Events Gail Wilensky, Health Reform, Medicare, Centers for Medicare And Medicaid Services, Medicaid, Robert Berenson, Thomas Scully, Bruce Vladeck, John K. Iglehart