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Survey The Landscape Of The Pharmaceutical Industry
In The January/February Health Affairs

BETHESDA, MD—How much Medicare should pay for drugs, how to develop cost-sharing formulas for pharmaceutical benefits, and the bridge between research and new products lead the topics explored in the January/February Health Affairs.

In addition to its profile of the drug industry, Health Affairs also is publishing the federal government’s annual estimate of overall health care expenditures, with a separate estimate of retail prescription drug spending. Read more about the overall health spending article.

Some articles of note:

• Iain M. Cockburn analyzes the research and development spending of the drug industry.

• Joseph P. Newhouse says Medicare should be allowed to consider cost when making coverage decisions about drugs.

• Stephen B. Soumerai cautions policymakers against the use of preferred drug lists when trying to contain Medicaid costs.

Read more online about the current issue on pharmaceuticals and other thematic issues of Health Affairs.

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