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Health Affairs Forefront FAQs

What Is Health Affairs Forefront?

Health Affairs Blog was renamed to Health Affairs Forefront , in recognition of 15 years of robust commentary and analyses that represent some of the most timely and influential thought on the forefront of health policy. Forefront is a daily destination for health policy professionals and the health care industry to catch up on the ideas that thought leaders and peers are exploring in the field. The name Forefront reflects what the blog has become over its evolution: a heavily cited, rigorously-reviewed and prolific digital publication.  

What happened to Health Affairs Blog?

In December 2021, in recognition of 15 years of robust commentary and analyses that represent some of the most timely and influential thought on the forefront of health policy, Health Affairs Blog was renamed to Health Affairs Forefront. The mission of Health Affairs Forefront stays the same—to create a space for rigorous, action-oriented insight related to health policy research, ideas, and current policy events. Forefront remains agile, timely, and flexible, and continues to publish multiple articles weekly.

How do I submit to Health Affairs Forefront?

Potential articles, as well as follow-up correspondence, may be submitted via our simple submission form (first-time users will need to create an account with name, email, and password). Submit here. Not every submission is accepted for publication. Submissions under consideration for publication elsewhere will not be considered. Articles are edited in collaboration with authors before publication.

Before submitting a post for consideration, authors are encouraged to review content recently published on Health Affairs Forefront to get a sense of both the style and content that we’re looking for. The most successful articles are written to be accessible to the wide range of Health Affairs readers. We encourage authors not to shy away from complex or specialized topics, but to explain those topics in a manner understandable to readers interested in health policy who may not be completely versed in the particular area being discussed.

Unlike traditional research manuscripts that often begin with a long wind-up and extended background early in the piece, typical Forefront articles are structured like essays or op-eds, with a strong, clear explanation of the issue and key themes upfront. We encourage you to discuss how your work may be relevant to policymakers as well as researchers.

More information about how to submit to Health Affairs Forefront can be found on the Help for Authors page.

How do I cite Health Affairs Forefront?

Please cite Health Affairs Forefront in the following format "Article Title, Health Affairs Forefront, Date, DOI." 

How do I reference Health Affairs Forefront?

Please reference Health Affairs Forefront in the following format "Authors, Article Title, Health Affairs Forefront, Link To Article, publication date."

Is Health Affairs Forefront peer-reviewed?

All Health Affairs Forefront articles are reviewed by Health Affairs editorial staff for timeliness, health policy relevance, originality, and constructive commentary (but are not subject to a formal, peer review).

Where will Health Affairs Forefront be indexed?

Health Affairs Forefront will be indexed in Google, Google News, and Google Scholar. Additionally, all Forefront articles will be deposited into CrossRef.

I am a previous Health Affairs Blog author. Where are my previous posts?

All Health Affairs Blog content is rebranded using Health Affairs Forefront links and is indexed under those updated links. Former Health Affairs Blog links will continue to work and simply forward to the updated Forefront links.